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009 Open-source traction vs enterprise profits: how do we find balance for product success?

Data is useless if not utilized. Activeloop.ai optimizes your database for deep learning operations. Shashank Agarwal joins Brett Kistler to discuss the origins of Activeloop, choices and challenges in balancing open-source traction vs profitable enterprise solutions, and share his story of becoming CTO by stepping into the role first and letting the title follow naturally.

008 How do we make learning fun?

Learning a new language can be challenging. Brett chats to Bryan Riester from Univoice about how they have gamified the learning experience. Univoice provides users with a library of music along with lyrics and translation.

007 How can we keep our pets safe?

July is Lost Pet Prevention Month. How can we keep our pets safe and get them home quickly if they do get lost? Brett speaks to Lorien Clemens the CEO of Pethub about how they have created a centralized digital identity for pets.

006 How can we scale effectively?

Managing professional services internally is often not cost-effective and can result in a large headcount. Scope matches you with an expert who will implement the product of your choice while providing the tools to manage the project. Xander Oltmann, CEO of Scope. chats to Brett about what it takes to create these partnerships and scale teams effectively.

005 How do we evolve?

In this episode, Russ Wilcox the CEO of Quantum Analytica chats with Brett about the idea of democratizing data science. During the Covid-19 pandemic, many businesses were faced with a decision, close or evolve. Did businesses close because of the pandemic, or was the real reason that they didn't have the opportunity to evolve?

004 How fast can we react?

In today's episode, Spencer Elliott joins us from Viewstub to discuss how they are revolutionizing the way organizers can handle events to move forward into a hybrid live + virtual future.

003 What is the right problem to solve?

Trying to find the right problem to solve is really key in an early-stage company that has limited resourcing. Food waste is a 1.6 billion ton problem, and 15% of that can be linked to failures in the cold chain. Inadequate cold chain monitoring can have even more dire consequences when it impacts the integrity of pharmaceutical products, including vaccines. Join us as we chat with Manik Suri about what he and his team at Therma are doing to drive safety and reduce waste with their remote temperature and humidity monitoring solutions.

002 How can vulnerability strengthen business?

We are all vulnerable. We are all stressed. We all have problems. Acknowledging and talking about these things helps us to get through them together. Overcoming these challenges together builds community and it becomes what our community is based on. Join us as we interview Lou Carpino from PubX.ai

001 Is sustainability our business?

Our planet is dying but how do we bring about sustainable change? Join us as we interview Steve Peer from 2b0 and discover how they are using automation to find simple, clean recycling solutions.

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