005 How do we evolve?

In this episode, Russ Wilcox the CEO of Quantum Analytica chats with Brett about the idea of democratizing data science. During the Covid-19 pandemic, many businesses were faced with a decision, close or evolve. Did businesses close because of the pandemic, or was the real reason that they didn't have the opportunity to evolve?

How do we evolve as a business to meet the ever-changing needs of the market? We live in an era where everyone expects a certain amount of personalization. We have grown accustomed to being presented with options that will appeal to us as individuals. Currently, most of the AI and machine learning out there is not available to small businesses. Russ Wilcox the CEO of Quantum Analytica chats to Brett about how they are bringing the democratization of data science to the mainstream.

Using custom machine learning models, Quantum Analytica provides hyper-personalization and a unified playing field of data. http://qushanalytica.io/
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