032 How can we thrive in remote work?

If there's one thing Naman Mehrotra understands, it's how to be a global citizen. The child of expat parents, Naman grew up with firsthand experience of the digital nomad's struggle to manage issues like health insurance and retirement benefits when your job and your life transcend borders. When he met the team at SafetyWing, which is tackling that very problem, it was a natural fit. Naman joins Brett Kistler to discuss how his team is taking on such a monumental task (hint: one piece at a time). Not only does SafetyWing work with fully remote companies, but they are one themselves, so Naman has some great insight to share that is very relevant in today's job landscape. He delves into issues such as how businesses can maintain community and culture when most of their interactions are digital, what characteristics help remote workers succeed, best practices for maintaining quality communication across time zones, and more.
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