029 Pioneers and settlers: how do we balance strengths within a team?

We're doubling down on Founder Vision today. Kevin Mackey and Tim Metzner, two of the cofounders of Coterie Insurance, join Brett Kistler as well as today's cohost Brian Gupton - Clearview's own VP of Sales. Drop in to a fun, flowing conversation as the four explore a number of topics. Kevin and Tim discuss how they build teams that balance their members' strengths: the value of experience vs the fire of fresh ideas, the drive to push a new startup forward vs the steadiness to lead it in the long run. They discuss how they assess potential hires for their competency as well as for cultural fit, how to "disagree and commit" in the face of differing opinions, keeping their core values of humility and intelligence at the forefront, and so much more. https://coterieinsurance.com/

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